KAURA Top/Dress

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Kaura (Oat in English) is one of the main grains that grow in Finland. It has a rich spreading granule that forms a fine and delicate a-line shape.

The KAURA look emphasizes the delicate structure of the oat and the grain's dancing movement in the field as the wind passes by. The voluminous hem is built with nude-colored mesh and silk layers as well as cutting waste in the ruffles, through which the golden rose details represent the first rays of the autumn sun. 

The KAURA Top/Dress includes a silk bra with mesh and mixed cutting waste. Silk bra allows max. 115 cm bust measurement.

The look is completed with separate nude-colored KAURA mesh pants. In the movement, the pants dance like in the wind, just like the hem of the KAURA top/dress.

The pant legs have ruffles made out of cutting waste. The pants are closed with a zipper on the side.

The model in the picture is 185 cm. 

The KAURA top/dress is unique and can't be replicated exactly to the original piece, because all the materials are cutting waste or dead stock. However, the original style, silhouette, and clothing pattern will be the same as the original. 

Sold as it is or made-to-order.