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The story begins where the harsh weather and deep forests meet the endless summer and fresh waters. This unique nature brings peace and bliss for those who seek to find its secrets. The swish of breeze and rustle of leaves bring comfort as the fresh scent of flower and trees fulfil the air. In this untouched nature, you can be yourself. Go where the wind takes you. What awaits behind the stream, behind the hill? Be ready, use those tricks in your sleeve. The wheel of the year will guide you through your journey. Celebrate when it is time for it. Celebrate, as you have the gift to create your own story.

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Join us for the tale of the century.

The Finnish National Romance Museum is a museum that lives in our imagination. Our seasonless collections are treasures from the archives of that museum. 

The FNRM is a fashion collective including three Aalto University fashion graduates – Julia Montin, Amina Saada and Mo Ziwei – with the same dream, a modest mission to change the Finnish fashion scenery with a breath of fresh air, creating something novel and exciting. We are combining the old traditions of a fashion house - craftsmanship, heritage and scarcity – with contemporary elements, like bricolage and seasonless collections.

The FNRM’s designs portrait the Finnish history and culture through elegant style with a touch of Nordic roughness. In a rather minimalistic Nordic design scene, The FRNM offers something different. The brand is new, but the story goes far into the past. Taking inspiration from national romance, mythology, folklore and strong Finnish spirit, the concept has its roots deep in the Finnish history. The brand is like the Finnish themselves; on the surface it's serious, but inside it's playful, even mischievous. Just like the Finnish winter and summer, our collections are unpredictable.

The FNRM is for those who prefer their own path in life and bravely make their own choices. It is for those, who do not copy from others, who rather have their own style. It is for those who appreciate innovation, uniqueness and timelessness – that is The Finnish National Romance Museum. We don’t follow the seasons – and why should we. We choose our own way. Our timeless pieces can be worn regardless of the season, because every piece is born classic. It is art to keep.


The FNRM offers guilt-free fashion.

The main materials are recycled and factory deadstock. We say no to mass-production. As our designs are based on the materials available, every piece is unique and different, still following the coherent story and aesthetic. Supporting the Chinese craftsmanship and cutting the waste, The FNRM includes materials from family-owned Chinese factories. There is a lot of cutting waste left over from bigger fashion companies, that would be trash if it wasn’t saved. Mo, our Chinese team member, acts as the devoted contact to China and makes sure the materials are environmentally sustainable and people friendly. Most of the products are 100% made in Helsinki, and some of the smaller products are hand finished in Helsinki, Finland. Hand-made garments are rather rare in the contemporary market and we take pride for this craft. We want to offer our customers garments with its unique story.

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Romance for our daily lives

Lace and silk give that touch of romance and charm for our daily lives. Underwear might not be visible, but it can give a confidence boost that make us feel empowered. Entirely crafted from cutting waste, our underwear is made to stand out visually and ethically. Beautiful hand-made details ensure the uniqueness and rarity of our products. We want our clothing to make you feel empowered.

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Meet the designers:

Amina Saada

Master graduate from Aalto University, who has worked for Raf Simons and participated Designer’s Nest competition, winning an Exhibition prize. Amina is an innovative pattern maker, whose sculpture-like garments have gotten international attention.

Mo Ziwei

Also a master graduate from Aalto University whose graduate collection was shown in the prestigious Aalto University show Näytös19. Mo has comprehensive international experience as a designer and a costumer. She also has business background from the fashion field.

Julia Montin

Master graduate from Aalto University and has won the Diesel prize two times during the Näytös -show. She has done internships in Finland and Shanghai, and she has had her designs sold at Helsinki Design Week, Dutch Design Week and Kämp Garden in Helsinki.

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