Fashion is one of the most polluting sectors today. We are aiming to cut the waste that fast fashion is leaving behind. We say no to mass-production.

China produces almost 40% of textiles in the world. This means a lot of cutting waste that the bigger companies cannot use and the factories have to dispose of it. For us, this is a chance to cut the waste, save the fabrics that would otherwise be left behind and give that extra textile a new life. 

The main materials we are using are factory dead-stock and cutting waste. As our designs are based on the materials available, every piece is unique and different, still following the coherent story and aesthetic.

Supporting the Chinese craftsmanship, that is nowadays under-appreciated, we receive our materials from family-owned Chinese factories. Mo Ziwei, our Chinese team member, acts as the devoted contact to China and makes sure the materials are environmentally sustainable and people friendly.

These are the factories that we are working with:

Spring Bird silk studio (Silk products producing)
Location city: Shanghai
Company contact person: Liu Zichun

Hua Daofen Knitwear Studio (Knitwear producing)
Location city: Shantou city, Guangdong Province.
Company contact person: Guan Ya

Yu Zhi Xuan Textile (Leftover/Dead-stock fabrics)
Location city: Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province.
Company contact person: Yu Duo

Xiu Tang Co.,Ltd. (Packaging)
Registration city: Xianning city, Hubei Province.
Company contact person: Liu Guanliang