RUIS Skirt

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Ruis (Rye in English) is one of the main grains that grow in Finland. Its grain can be sometimes mistaken for barley, but its flower reveals its true nature. Ruiskaunokki (Cornflower) has its own unique shape with its horn-shaped petals and blue color, which is peculiar in Finnish nature. 

The RUIS Skirt base fabric is a flower-patterned lace and the base design is an asymmetrical a-line hem. The top decor of the skirt is made out of different cutting waste and placed asymmetrically to simulate the so-called uneven whiskers of the rye plant.

The Skirt is closed with a zipper on the side.

The look is completed with a separate RUIS Wrap Shirt. The shirt base fabric is a flower-patterned lace and the base design is a cropped symmetrical wrap shirt with voluminous sleeves. The shirt hem pieces are long so they can be wrapped to the back and back to front. The top decor is made out of different cutting waste and placed asymmetrically.

The Shirt allows bust measurement max 115cm.

The RUIS Skirt is unique and can't be replicated exactly to the original piece, because all the materials are cutting waste or dead stock. However, the original style, silhouette, and clothing pattern will be the same as the original.