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KAAMOS Jacket is inspired by the polar night darkness that falls upon the northern parts of Finland. For weeks, the sun does not rise at all, keeping the life-giving sunlight hidden. 

The dark KAAMOS Jacket represents the endless-feeling darkness, where only the stars and the moon are visible. To give a romantic boost to the polar night darkness we replaced the stars with falling golden roses and with a brooch where the Cupid feeds pearls to the moon. 

The unisex jacket is oversized and A-lined to make it fit many different body types and sizes. There are two big functional front pockets with flaps on top of them. The fastening is with big metallic press buttons. For the edges, we used embroidery stitching for decorative effect and to secure the raw edges of the hem and sleeves.

Because the fabric is light cotton, KAAMOS can also be used as a dress. The garment comes with a belt to make it more versatile.

The KAAMOS Jacket is unique and can't be replicated exactly to the original piece, because all the materials are cutting waste or dead stock. However, the original style, silhouette, and clothing pattern will be the same as the original. 

 Sold as it is or made-to-order.