Midsummer magic

Midsummer magic

Midsummer in Finland is one of the biggest festivals. It's the day when people celebrate the longest day of the year. In the Northern parts of Finland the sun does not set at all for weeks. Midsummer celebrations include dancing, bonfires, magic and spells. Here are a few spells you can try yourself.

1. Place birch twigs next to your door to guarantee fertility. Let your mind seed new creative ideas that will help you achieve an inspiring rest of the year.

2. Peek naked into a well to see your future spouse. You’ll also see a reflection of your true self – you are the most important person in your life and the person responsible for actually achieving your goals.

3. Build a midsummer bonfire to expel the evil spirits. Let the fire drive off the negative thoughts troubling your mind.

4. Gather seven wild flowers, climb over seven fences and place the flowers under your pillow for the night. You’ll see a dream of your future parter. You’ll also dream of yourself achieving your biggest ambitions.

5. Hide a few juniper twigs and nettles to your birch bath whisk. Tapping your skin with a midsummer whisk in a Finnish sauna helps metabolism and gives a chance for harmful substances to escape your body.

The FNRM Midsummer magic

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